Faith Team Overview

Belong – Committed – Love – Faith – Joy

What is Chaplaincy?

At the heart of Holy Rosary’s teaching and learning, we have a systematic programme of Religious Education that allows pupils to explore, question and develop a comprehensive understanding of the Roman Catholic Church and its teachings.

Our Chaplaincy Team is committed to supporting the spiritual and Catholic life of pupils and staff of the school. The team offers opportunities for all to experience different forms of prayer, including formal prayer, meditative prayer and liturgy.

Although each school is different and the chaplains/chaplaincy teams’ strengths will vary, the core role of a chaplain is as follows:

  • To support the school in emphasising its spirituality and Catholicity as set out in the school’s mission statement;
  • To support and encourage the school’s pastoral care for the whole school, pupils, staff and parents;
  • To promote, plan and organise the celebration of liturgies and co-operate with others in developing the school as a Christian community;
  • To assist in developing an awareness amongst potential school leavers about the provisions of chaplaincy in their Catholic High School