Religious Life of Foundation Stage

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Religious Life of Foundation Stage

In our Religious Education lessons we follow the Come and See Curriculum.

For more information about this scheme of work please go to the Religious life of the school on the main page.

Our themes for this half-term are:

Local Church – Celebrating
Children will learn what a celebration is and how the Parish family celebrate. 
Scripture: Luke 2: 22b
Key Vocabulary: Church, priest, celebrate, celebrating, Parish family, family, community, celebration, party, memory, Father, altar, Temple, parish

Eucharist – Gathering
Children will learn how and why we gather together and will learn about the joy of gathering together to celebrate at Mass. 
Scripture: Mark 10: 13, 14, 16
Key Vocabulary: welcome, blessing, listen, pray, Mass, sing, gather, together, alone, Lectern, “The Lord be with you”, “And with your spirit”

Keep checking back to see what we do our Religious journey.




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