School Chaplains

“I come that they may have life, and have life to the full” John 10:10

Welcome to Holy Rosary’s Pupil Chaplains’ page

Meet the Chaplaincy Team

Adult lay Chaplain: Mrs Atkinson
On behalf of myself, the headteacher, the governors and all the staff I would like to warmly welcome our Pupil Chaplains “GIFT” Team appointed September 2019 and these children are in our current year 6 class.

We know you’ll do a fantastic job as God is in your hearts.

The Role of a Pupil Chaplain

The role of a Pupil Chaplain is to serve as a member of their Chaplaincy Team to support the Catholic Life of the School.

They will be entrusted with the responsibility of:
• Giving joyful witness of Christ in our school.

• Providing support for staff in the delivery of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils across the curriculum.

• Pastoral care of staff and pupils.

• Assisting with the delivery and development of the prayer life of the school supporting assemblies, class prayer times and prayer groups.

• Developing the use of a chapel for anyone in school to use.

• Being present on parents’ afternoons and/or evenings, and other school events, to help with the welcome of all the community.

• Organising a variety of events to support local, national and international charities, for example: Cornerstone; Cancer charities; Local Food Banks

“I come that they may have life, and have life to the full” John 10:10

Latest News

Mr Autumn Term 2020

September – We welcome back the Chaplaincy team after what has been a long time away for us all.  It’s difficult for us to meet up this term as Mrs Atkinson is in a separate bubble but we can come together through our  virtual assemblies still.

September 10th 9.30am – Father Phil conducted our first virtual assembly and the chaplains led the bidding prayers.

September 11th 10am – The whole school attended a virtual mass led by Bishop John from Salford Cathedral.

October 7th – Feast of the Holy Rosary.  The chaplains attended this zoom, along with their Rosary beads.

October 20th – 60 years of Holy Rosary – Party day!

October 22nd Harvest Festival zoom  – The chaplains and Mrs Atkinson led this virtually together.  Any donations can be sent to Oldham food bank.

Poppy Appeal – During November Poppies will be sold in classes for a small donation.

Chaplains’ Challenge – This term’s challenge is to write a prayer/poem dedicated to Mary our Mother.

               Spring Term 2021


Unfortunately due to Covid we have had to partial close the school during most of this term and we have decided not to fund raise at this moment.

Formal Meetings have been difficult due to Mrs Atkinson and the chaplains being in separate bubbles.

We have attended weekly zoom assemblies though and have contributed to the Lent tree, adding our promises and prayers for this period

The chaplains joined Mrs  Atkinson in delivering  an Easter reflection virtually to the school before the end of term.

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