Keeping you safe


At Holy Rosary we recognise that our children’s wellbeing is central to their success as confident lifelong learners. Our School Mission and Core Values enable us to support and promote wellbeing in ALL that we do.

World mental health day – October 2021

We all joined together for a whole school assembly with Miss McBride at 9am.

We looked at the story – A huge bag of worries.

Then each class carried out some activites in light of the story.

Here are some pictures of some activites, plus extra activites throughout the day.

Y3 created some posters about what to do when you are worried.

 F2 created some pictures of what makes them happy

Yoga in Y3                                                Dancing in Y1

Deep breaths in Y2

Meet this Years Wellbeing council …

Jacob & Yamur Y3

Leah & Eliza Y4

Evie & Daniel Y5

Carmen and Mohammed Y6