Year 3 – St Anne

Welcome to Year 3’s Class Page

Mrs Morrish

Year 3 Class teacher

Mrs Morley

Teaching assistant

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Our Curriculum

We are now blocking our curriculum throughout the year. 

See below for more information. 

Year Group Expectations

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Reading at Holy Rosary

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British Values

The promotion of British Values is taught implicitly throughout the curriculum and school life.

The focus of these values in the Primary Curriculum are:

  • British Values of Democracy.
  • The Rule of Law.
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

As a school we promote these values through a variety of activities.

British Values of Democracy

Class council, Pupil Voice, Classroom monitors and jobs, pupil questionnaires. Writing balanced arguments in English, as well as other subjects. Pupils also take part in debates in a variety of subjects.

The Rule of Law

Ensuring that school rules, including safety rules, are understood and consistently applied. Opportunities for pupils to distinguish between right and wrong. Visits from the emergency services. eSafety rules and their importance. Bikeability and road safety.

Individual Liberty

Pupils learn how and why rules are made in school, and how laws are made in Britain. They learn about the monarchy in History lessons.

Mutual Respect

Pupils celebrate Black History Month. Anti-bullying week is studied in school with the pupils completing a selection of age appropriate lessons. Debates and balanced arguments are completed in class, across a range of subjects.

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Pupils celebrate events and festivals from major world faiths. There is a breadth of themes in assemblies. School lunches cater for different needs. Different religions are taught throughout the school. Culture/Theme days are celebrated throughout the school year




Here is an example of our homework in Year 3. This will be sent out every Monday with examples of what we will be learning that week in English, Maths, Spelling, Handwriting and Foundation subjects. This is for your reference at home and there is no expectation for children to bring their homework back into school.

Class Information

Year 3 have their PE day on Tuesday – children need to come into school in their PE kit (no earrings or jewellery to be worn).   

Children will also need their swimming kit, as Year 3 go swimming on Friday during the Summer Term. 

Book bags can be brought into school every day and taken home again –  reading books will be changed once a week.

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